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tv   News 4 This Week  NBC  April 3, 2010 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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welcome to "news 4 this week." hi, everyone, we're going to look at some of the more interesting local stories making news this week. among them -- >> i think it's by the grace of god they found it. >> a miracle rescue from a man, the story of one lucky dog and how he got stuck 20 feet below ground. if you're watching what you eat, can you count on what food labels say? why relying on nutrition information could end up sabotaging your diet. on the fast track to olympic fame, meet the next generation of speed skaters and the gold
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medalist. some workers use torches to melt the ice and snow from the roof of a rockville home leaving the homeowners to deal with serious fire damage. chris gordon has more on what happened and the warnings all homeowners need to hear. >> reporter: flames shot from the roof of the house in the 6100 block of neilwood drive. 70 firefighters responded to the 911 emergency call. a six-man crew working for a contractor had been hired to remove snow from the roof. montgomery county fire officials say the workers used shovels and tried to melt the ice with a propane torch. >> we believe they were using torches in part of their process to remove the snow from the roof. however as that being the exact cause, we're not sure at this point. >> reporter: firefighters arriving on the scene faced a delay. the fire high grant was buried
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in the snow. >> we asked the citizens, mark the hydrant f. you feel energetic, get out and shovel around the hydrant, it makes a huge difference in terms of time for the firefighters to get water. identify where it is and be able to hook it up and get water to the fire. >> reporter: the fire spread across the roof and attic and second floor collapsed. valuable antique and rugs and two vintage sports cars were damaged. >> we don't want anybody to have any losses and certainly it's a bad thing to happen this time of ye, you know, but yeah, certainly your heart goes out to people who get in trouble like this. >> that fire caused an estimated $1.5 million in damage. with all of the digging out and driving hazards, this winter weather is really starting to take its toll on people, ment mentally and emotionally.
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you don't have to wait for the spring time to melt the stress away. elaine reyes has more on the psychology behind staying positive. >> reporter: some people can't get enough. >> it's quiet and lots of fun. >> we love it. and we -- it's wintertime. might as well snow as much as it can. >> reporter: plenty of others, not so much. >> i'm over it. we have not had any snow like this since '96. >> reporter: to date the d.c. region has seen double the average snowfall. >> you scrape off your car and three days later it starts snowing again and it's snow on top of snow and ice and snow. i'm not a fan. >> i don't like to stay outside cleaning knowing that it's going to get dirty again in a few hours. >> the kids are enjoying having the day off. it does get tiresome shoveling out. >> reporter: a psychiatrist at
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george washington university talks snow psychology. >> what the snow means for the average person here, an increase demand on your already heavy day or what not that you may or may not be likely or not, ill prepared to deal with. most people feel comfortable with the occasional day or two. when it gets into weeks, that becomes a bit of a struggle. >> reporter: he adds for busy washingtonianss it's difficult to reschedule life around the snow. it's a control thing. >> if it's a snowy day, my favorite thing is, take time and slow down a little bit. take a little bit of extra time. reduce the workload. make sure that you're finding enj enjoy. in your life and social life and your family, then you'll navigate the winter doll drums. >> reporter: it's a advice some are considering as they prepare for more clearing and scraping this weekend.
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>> what can we do? we have to go along and enjoy it. >> what can we do? dr. norris says there's a psychological association called seasonal affective disorder or sad. firefighters rescuing a dog that fell 20 feet down a cold dark man hole. the lucky dog might still be trapped if not for a man who trusted his own dog's ing stinks. >> reporter: you would be wagging your tail if you found yourself in this position. >> by the grace of god he found it. >> reporter: this guy had one heck of a day. >> i was this close to covering it up. put something on top of it. last second we noticed it in there. >> reporter: ryan blankenship is walking his dog and stumble upon this manhole. a snow plower had apparently
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knocked off the cover. blankenship and the per accept tif dog went back. >> reporter: when rescue shows up and finds the lab/chow mix, they set up their equipment and find the smallest guy with the best hands. >> get the dog ouxt they have an assignment and know what to do. >> we had a 16-inch hole to go through and i was the one that fit the bill today. >> everybody loves their animals. >> once he caught the human scent, he knew the help was coming. >> a short time later at the county animal shelter waiting on his checkup. >> coat was dirty and not that well cared for. no identification, no tags, no microchip. at this point we don't know who owns him. >> reporter: and we don't know how long he spent at the bottom of this manhole.
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thanks to a passer by who trusted his dog's sense and well trained rescuers, he'll be wagging his tail for years to come. craig melvin, news 4. >> one lucky dog insedeedindeed. how far would you go to lose weight? we'll expose the truth and dangers about those fad diets. a look at d.c.'s very own fashion week with an ecofriendly twist. your pet makes lots of friends. but there's one little friend you don't want him to meet. the flea. just one in your home can turn into thousands-fast, infesting carpets, furniture, even your bed. to stop an infestation, ask for frontline plus. it quickly kills fleas, their eggs, and larvae-even ticks. it's waterproof. and one dose lasts all month long. fleas are nobody's friends. ask for the vet's #1 choice for dogs and cats-frontline plus.
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modsles were going green for first night of d.c.'s fashion week, it kicked off with an eco-friendly fashion show in northwest washington. d.c.'s own hosted the event. using sustainable fabrics and recycled materials. >> we feel it's very important for the environment and for the fashion industry to be responsible and be aware of how they manufacturer and produce. it'sow we dispose of business waste and of course the fashion industry wants to be responsible in their part, we welcome kicking off with the ecofashion designers. >> you can check out for more fashion week details. search fashion. this next story is more for those who would rather spend an evening at the pub over a faion show. while you may be thinking about a nice refreshing beer, some
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brewers are thinking about the environment. you might be surprised at how the beer industry is going green. news 4's wendy reeger shows us. >> reporter: you may only consider beer when it's in a glass heading for your mouth but there is a brewing eco-consciousness coming to a head in that industry. >> every brewer can do their part. >> reporter: mike mccarthy, as this brewery goes green, reducing water consumption and even recycling their steam. >> collecting steam that is produced either from your boil or heating up water and using that to heat up water for the next day's brewing. >> reporter: cap city is taking its spent grain and giving them to a farmer in gainsville, virginia to feed his cattle. >> we pay him $100 a month in gas to get it from us. >> reporter: for cap city it is a start.
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the major breweries are going even farther. they are capturing the co 2 creating by fermentation. if you look at the tanks, you can recapture that the co2 and not only use it in the brewing process but as a heating element for the brewery. >> reporter: also taking the spent biomass from the soggy grains and turning it into ethanol. >> they are selling 1.5 million gallons of ethanol to refineries that they are mixing it with gasoline. >> smaller breweries are 100% wind powered and some using full cells to operate. >> solar power and fuel cell technology for the small brewers is easier and the larger brewers are paying attention and seeing their applications for them to use as well. >> reporter: americans consume 7 billion gallons of beer a year.
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that's also a lot of cans and bottles, anheuser-busch is recycling 700 billion cans a year. consumers need to get the spent cans and bottles it the recyclers as well. they remind us to drink reresponsiblely and earth requires us to live and produce responsibilitily so the environment can be as clean and refreshing as the first sip. news 4, washington. >> not a beer gut, coming up, why you could be
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experts say if you want to lose weight it's simple, just count calories. when it comes to food labels, can you count on their accuracy? a new study looked at calorie counts in restaurants and packaged food and researchers found actual numbers were 18% higher in restaurants and 8% higher at the grocery store in
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the products they tested. when it comes to nutrition information, can you count on it. here are the details. >> i keep track every day of what i eat. >> reporter: counting calories and fat and fiber has been the key to keeping her figure. >> calorie counting is valuable. calories in, calories out. >> reporter: tusts university scientist became suspicious of food labels when she was trying to get fit herself. >> i was like any other dieter, not losing weight. i said something is not right. >> reporter: roberts says her instinct was right. what wasn't? the food labels on some products. roberts and her team selected popular dishes from chain restaurants and frozen meals from the grocery store and tested their actual calorie content. >> i think the restaurant food surprised me because there was
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just enormous varability. some foods were close to what they said. other foods had twice as many calories, literally as they said they did. >> reporter: for example, denny's states a serving of grits is 80 calories, but the sample roberts tested had 240 calories. that's 200% more. p.f. chang says a large serving is 200 calorie iz, roberts test found 430, a difference of 115%. for the packaged foods. number of calories in aileen cuisine, 220 calories. the package roberts tested, 282, 28% difference. weight watchers lemon herb chicken, 230 on the box, but roberts' sample had 278 calories. 21% more. >> to see it was kind of horrible. even packaged foods give you
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more calories than they say they are. i don't think they are intentionally doing it, it's a problem with the regulations. >> reporter: the food and drug administration says the actual calorie count can be 20% higher or lower than what's reported. historically fda has been more focused on making sure people get all of the calories promised in a product. >> the concern has been around consumer rip-off. making sure if people pay for a certain amount of food they get the amount of food. we need to be equally concerned about people getting too much food. >> we contacted the companies and denny's says variations can occur in the vendor's products and restaurant portions. p.f. chang said when you're making food by hand there will be var yans in calorie count. weight watchers and lean cuisine say they formulate by taking an average from multiple samples. >> it makes me mad, honestly.
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because a lot of people depend on those -- that nutritional information make the decision. i feel i'm being cheated. >> liz crenshaw, news 4. >> a spokesman from the fda told news 4. when a food goes over or under the 20% mark it can be deemed misbranded. from there the agency will usually issue a warning letter if the problem isn't fixed after that, the company could face a criminal injunction and seizure of the product. the team wants to stress this was a very small study with a small pool of samples, but it's something to keep in mind when counting calories. the government is make smg other moves concerning food labels. fda is recommending manufacturers put food labels front and center and should be easier to read. and they are recommending that manufacturers adjust serving sizes to more realistic portions.
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>> the nutrition label on front will increase awareness, but i'm not for sure it's going to taint how much people take in. most people would grab for two in first dunk of the milk and then probably for two or four more. >> some nutritionists say changing labels won't solve the nation's obesity problem but it's a step in the right direction. some methods of losing weight focus on the kinds of foods and behaviors than they do calorie. like the chicken soup diet, for example. those fad diets may help you lose weight in the short-term but they pose dangerous health risks in the long run. here's why. >> some of them are outrageous and some are merely foolishness. >> reporter: diets lure you in with a promise of a slimmer new physique. they have one thing in common, they severely limit what you can
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eat. dr. arthur frank of the george washington university weight management program says there lies the problem. >> the more strange the diet, the more fad the diet is, the more restricted it is in terms of selection. the more likely you are to be nutritionally at risk. >> reporter: dr. frank says the basic principle of good nutrition is variety and eating any one type of food for an extended period of time will lead to vitamin deficiency. in the short-term, not one diet is any more dangerous than the other and even a fad diet can be effective in losing weight. the longer you stay on it, the greater toll it takes on your health. >> anybody who tells you, this is your sure way, this is a certain way, this is a guaranteed way of losing weight should be avoided was there is no such thing. >> that's why so many doctors and nutritionists recommend
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rather than diet, change your lifestyle and learn good eating habits to maintain the rest of your life. >> you want to develop skills in how you can direct your attention to eating. you've got to eat carefully. you've got to eat thoughtfully and pay attention to how you eat. now, even if you see success with a fad diet, they are of course difficult to maintain. so all of that weight you might lose in the first few months will more than likely come back when you're done dieting. when we come right back, meet the next generation of [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong. with big g kid cereals.
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a growing number of young people are being drawn to the sport of speed skating, olympic stars such as apolo ohno are making the sport more popular. one of his former rivals is coaching at the local club training what could be the next generation of olympic speed skaters, here's their story.
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>> reporter: for the members of the potomac speedkating club, olympics take on added meaning. that's because their coach kim was an olympic gold medal winner for south korea 1998 and it appeared he had won gold again in 2002. in one of the most controversial decisions of the game he was disqualified for blocking apoll lo ohno. he know how the 2010 athletes are feeling and still shares that anticipation. >> just like the athletes around the world preparing for the olympics, i'm feeling pretty much the same feeling as they are right now and very much excited. >> excitement, speed and danger. that's what draws the young skaters to the sport. >> speed skating as a sport, definitely the most intense sport i've ever played. even as you're asecond a way
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from falling to your doom, the intensity is so much fun. >> this practice was minutes old when one skater slammed into the world. the club has 50 active members, many drawn by the recent addition of coach kim. this father drives two young speed skaters two hours each way from pennsylvania. >> it's like an addictive sport. you see if and all of a sudden, wow, it's fascinating. see little kids running on the ice, skating on the ice at high-paced speed. >> skaters as young as 8 speed around the track and they all agree it can be grueling. >> he knows the techniques and what the rest of thinking, he can tell us everything we need to do in order to win or get better. >> reporter: this is the most intense time of year the winter season. they train on the ice five days a week. they only get sundays off.
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inspiration comes from a former club owner, simon cho, he made the 2010 olympic team. there's no doubt the skaters chasing their coach are also chasing an olympic dream of their own. news 4. >> they can move. we're going to skate on out of here for now. we thank you for watching news 4 this week. enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. ♪
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